A peaceful  place to rest, reflect, renew, recover, or refresh

EverCalm Cottage is a quiet and relaxing lake retreat for rent in north-central Indiana

Lakeview from EverCalm Cottage

EverCalm Cottage is a cozy lake retreat, perfect for those who want time away to reflect, relax, heal or"just be". Located on Hill Lake, a small, quiet, 67 acre lake in northern Indiana near the town of Silver Lake, EverCalm Cottage sits at the end of the lane with lots of privacy.

You will be treated each morning and evening to a lovely symphony of birdsong and enjoy the privacy of the front porch with a view of the lake. From the lively red kitchen to the soft yellow sun room, you are certain to find the spot that best suits your personality.

A farmer's field is next door and the lake sits at the bottom of a lush green rolling hill across the lane. Bring your own fishing gear and we can set you up with access to our fishing boat.


No pets. No smoking.  Available spring through fall.

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